Testimonials & Comments


“Exhibitions–uplifting and informative. The space–wonderful building with a great feel. Great to learn more about the creative community interest in craft”

“Very much enjoy visiting shop & would be very happy to working it–inspirational place”

“I am interested in art and wanted to meet other creative people. I want to find out about other creative activities in this area”

“Making friends, Love for Art, Networking, Getting out of the house, doing work again to help ACE grow”

“Enjoy coming to the craft sessions so thought it would be nice to give back a bit of time to volunteering. The people I have met have been so friendly and welcoming”

“Artistic & social involvement with an outstanding creative organisation”

“I love Art & Exhibitions, was an artist but haven’t painted for a while. I enjoy being involved with Art and Sculpture meeting artists, the public and seeing all their ideas”

Participants on courses

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work in getting the courses with Jenny Graham (and others) sorted out. I know now that it must have taken a lot of your time jumping through hoops to get the relevant funding to put them on. I came away from the two days I attended feeling inspired, contented and invigorated for several reasons:

  • There is no way I could have afforded these days without them being funded – a shame in view of the benefits to attending. You mentioned you might be putting in a bid for a longer programme of funded courses – I do hope it is successful 
  • Jenny’s tutoring was excellent – she had something positive to say about everyone’s contribution; made good suggestions whilst allowing us the freedom to make our own decisions, focus on our particular interests and work at our own speed 
  • Being able to have the opportunity to share the experience with like minded individuals
  • Working alongside/in the exhibition space which at first I wasn’t sure of. Visitors to the exhibition were obviously interested in what was going on, came over to the group and joined in discussions and asked questions. I think you said a few then enquired about the classes. It was good for us too to be able to move in and out of the exhibition space – drawing inspiration from it and reinforcing the notion that art is not something ‘separate’ from life
  • You looked after us all so well – taking time out of your schedule to make regular appearances to show an interest in what we were doing, make tea and coffee and even share round choc ices!”

“I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for a while – it’s all too easy to get caught up in the routine of everyday life and forget to put aside some time for ourselves. I came home yesterday after the course and made a list of ‘projects’ I want to complete to build on the two days – I now need to set aside some ‘mental well-being’ time each week to be creative, to experiment and to be messy. When I went out this morning with the dog I was seeing the same things but with different eyes. Thank you so much Nina and do share with Jenny”

Lovely environment for easy learning, friendly staff”

A wonderful enjoyable day, very inspiring”

Peer support is amazing here and I have loved every minute of my learning this week”

Free workshop was amazing as usually I can’t afford art/craft workshops”

An amazing experience, new skill, de-stress day”

Teaching was excellent, covered lots of great areas, lots of great people and surroundings – coming again!”

The tutor was inspiring and great at explaining techniques to us. The environment was also an inspiration”

It is a fantastic space and environment with lots of fun, conversations and inspiration – time to play”

Social Media comment

Yesterday we went as a family, the grandchildren and I, to ACEarts Somerton. We took part in a free workshop called ‘Make your Mark’ learning how to work with charcoal. The children loved it, so did Grandma and Grandad! Many thanks to ACEarts, Nina and Andrea Clark”

Thank you to For Every Cloud for a great workshop today at ACEarts Somerton! We all really enjoyed ourselves and the children have gone back home with lots more pictures to adorn their playroom! It was great to attend your workshops this week. We are SO hoping more funding for the great things you all do for the community. I heard one elderly gentleman say the other day that he had never done any drawing before and found it so relaxing! He had done a farming scene as that is the life he knows. Thank you all!”

Schoolchildren on the Suitcase Library Project

I loved making my book”

I’ve enjoyed sharing my book – can I stay all day (with the residents)”

I had a great time making my book, but I’ve enjoyed sharing it with the residents even more”


It was an incredible experience for me, exhibiting in 2017. It was my first exhibition as lead artist and I really appreciated the trust that was placed in me as an emerging artist to be able to plan for, create for and pull off a successful show. I was so naïve going into it, I had no idea what I was doing and was so grateful for the support and mentoring offered to me by Nina, always so calm, always so positive. She made me believe that I could do it and I did. The process was so smooth and gentle and I came out of it feeling so much more confident as an artist – it was the turning point of my career. It is no small thing for me as a financially struggling new artist to be offered such an opportunity to exhibit in such a high calibre space, with supportive staff and stewards and I can honestly say it has completely changed my life.“

I have been exhibiting and selling my artwork through ACE Arts since it opened. The gallery staff are a hard working, exceptionally personable and dedicated team. Nina Gronw Lewis is an inspirational Gallery Manager and has created a vibrant amenity and notable venue for the town of Somerton. ACE Arts with its inclusive and creative atmosphere is a destination for both local customers and tourists and can be seen as a significant attraction to the town. The program of events both social and educational are a vital asset providing a hub for the community.”

“As an artist exhibiting in the upstairs gallery this year I felt proud to be a part of the ACE Arts program and visitors to my show agreed that the gallery is an attractive destination.”

Working at Acearts as a paid tutor is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

“There are friendly staff on hand to help unload supplies and to make refreshments throughout the day.”

The create space has a welcoming feel with plenty of space to learn.  These roles are vital to me as a self-employed tutor and having the opportunity to teach in such a relaxed environment aids the wellbeing of the class.”

ACE Arts has been a wonderful addition to Somerton, supporting artists in many art and craft disciplines since it opened.  I have had the privilege to exhibit both with a group show, then a solo exhibition earlier this year and it was a terrific experience.  Nina, the Curator, is such a pleasure to work with and with her keen eye and knowledge of arts and crafts, the variety of exhibitions has been wonderful.  I especially like to see how successful the workshop program has been not only for adults but families and children. It has also become a great place for artists to meet and exchange ideas.”

“ACE Arts has become the centre for the arts in Somerton, and an important gallery for visitors travelling to South Somerset.”

Thank you very much for inviting me to take part in the project, it was a lovely project and at the end of it, sitting around the fire, everyone shared in turn, what it had meant for them to come to the wood each week.  Everyone was so open and it was very moving to hear how the workshops and woodland experience had lightened their lives.  Also some of the skills I had taught them, had already been shared with other groups which is great to know.”