Kirstie Macleod

1-29 June

Gallery open daily Monday – Saturday 10-5 & Sunday 10-4 pm

The Red Dress is a global collaborative embroidery project conceived by British artist Kirstie Macleod. 14 years in the making, and involving 380 embroiderers from 51 different countries, it seeks to connect individuals from all walks of life and provide a platform for women’s voices to be heard.

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The Red Dress Talk, a presentation by Kirstie Mcleod and Q&A

Saturday 15th June 6-8pm Parish Rooms, Somerton (opposite the gallery) Book your seat here

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6 July – 10 August

Opening event 1 – 3 pm Saturday 6th July, prize giving at 2 pm.

Artists, photographers and designers compete annually for a cash prize of £1,000 and their work to be published on the front cover of the July/August edition of Evolver, the Wessex arts and culture guide. This exhibition will feature the winning entry alongside the 49 runners-up.



‘A Culture of Hope – re-imagining the future with hope and creativity’

6 July – 10 August

SWITCHBOOK is an innovative collaboration, bringing together arts educators and artists from across Somerset, working side-by-side on a continuous sketchbook journey.

The project is led by arts education charity, SPAEDA (Somerset Partnership Arts Education Agency), and runs with a new cohort of artists and teachers every year, building an ever-growing arts education community.

This exhibition showcases the latest selection of sketchbooks from our most recent programme, which ran from October 2023 to June 2024. Participants started with the theme A Culture of Hope and responded to each other work sharing sketchbooks once a month by post.

SWITCHBOOK was established to connect arts, cultural and educational practitioners across Somerset together for mutual learning and support. It is based on the original national Sketchbook Circle. SPAEDA trialled the idea back in 2017, to great effect, and is now in its 4th year! The original circle was set up because art educators wanted to challenge themselves as artists, looking for a way to fit in making around the hectic life of a teacher.

“I’ve really enjoyed switching off with it, once I was brave enough to get started, I could’ve gone on and on!”

“This is such a great project; the responses made me do something complex and different. Thank you for the inspiration”

“Corresponding with other teacher artists and makers gave me time to focus on my own development in a friendly and supportive way.”


Hanging by a Thread

Angela Knapp and Kara Chambers

17 August – 28 September

The world continues to change leaving nature struggling to find habitats within and between human spaces.

Angela’s work focuses on birds, once common in her lifetime which are now facing drastic declines and an uncertain future. The artwork is inspired by the meticulous records of local bird watcher John McGeoch beginning in the 1940’s. Using paint, fabric, hand and machine stitch the artwork aims to illustrate the beauty of these once common birds and how their lives and future now hang by a thread.

Kara also employs hand stitch as a vehicle she states. “As I stitch, I am held by the thread. My creativity is a vessel for all of life’s joys and sorrows. The simple act of hand sewing slows the world, deepening my understanding and appreciation of nature and provides insights into my internal processes.”


Sian Cann

5 October – 9 November

Using cameraless photography and other experimental photographic techniques, the artist reveals the surprising and unseen visual poetry of water. From seaweed suspended in storm surges, to gentle flows of healing wells, and channels choked by pollution, the exhibition tells the stories of water and invites you to see this life-giving force in a whole new way.

Collections: Choose, study, explore…create.

Stitch Textile Artists

16 November – 24 December

A group of contemporary textile artists who have used personal collections to inspire the diverse work in this exhibition. With a variety of media and techniques, each artist has created unique responses to a chosen inspiration.

Image: Sylvia Grant


Previous Exhibitions 2024


Community Textiles Project Exhibition

27 January – 24 February

A joyful showcase of all the textile pieces made by participants of our community project during 2023  in response to the theme ‘In Stitches’.





Selected members of the Royal Society of Sculptors:

Barbara Beyer, Rosalyn Burgin, Fiona Campbell, Martin Cody, Dallas Collins, Alice Cunningham, Deborah Duffin, Chris Dunseath, Jane Fox, Alice Freeman, Anna Gillespie, William Lasdun, Nina Gronw-Lewis, Wen-Hsi Harman, Jane Jobling, Paul Juillerat, Robert Marshall, Seamus Moran, Susie Olczak, Kate Parsons, Mark Richards, Alice Sheppard Fidler, Christopher Summerfield, Jo Taylor, Nicola Turner, Patricia Volk, Tom Waugh, Hamish Young & guest artist Tony Martin.

2 March – 6 April – Please note that the exhibition space will close at 4pm on 6 April

This exhibition celebrates contemporary sculptural practice and its many forms. Sculpture is arguably the most diverse of artistic mediums allowing unrivalled freedom in materials, process, form and scale. Crossing boundaries between architecture, design, manufacturing and craft, sculpture is a constantly evolving art form that pervades our lives like no other.

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Royal Sculptors Casting Shadows Artist Statements – Website

Image: Jo Taylor



Lucy Evans, Elizabeth Raeburn & Rodney Lawrence

13 April – 25 May

From the sublime to the subliminal, and the illustration of everyday humour, there’s something for everyone in this show.

We take the ‘less noticed’ from the natural world. Earth relates to water, with wind and gentle air swirling in landscapes, transformed in ceramic by fire and flame into something we can keep.