Aims, Trustees & Artists

Art Care Education is the charity that runs ACEarts.

 Our principle aim as a charity is to promote art and creative activity, to inspire, empower and enable people to develop and grow.

We do this by

Giving a platform to artists and makers
Providing creative activities and courses for all ages and abilities
Delivering creative projects focusing on community health and wellbeing.

Current Trustees


Sir (John) Sebastian Chance Bt (Chair)

BA Hons Fine Art, career has been an Art Teacher in various parts of the UK and is a sculptor and artist, He is also the Somerset Art Works South Somerset Area Representative. Trustee since 1.3.18

Shirley Chapman

Building Society financial management and retired Assistant Director Community Services (Somerset Care), now freelance administrator. Trustee since Jan 2017, Vice Chair


Alyson Martin MBE

Career in Social Care, retired as CEO for Somerset Care in 2015, since then

Care Director for the Stepping Stone Group. Trustee since July 2016.


Frank Martin

Ceramic artist 40 years, former Trustee of Devon Guild and founding Trustee of ACE, Art Director for the Stepping Stone Group. Trustee since Oct 2015.

Mary-Clare Rodwell

Chair of the Art Fund, Bristol and Bath 2001 – 2013 and former High Sheriff of Somerset.


Lucy Knapp

Young Trustee since Nov 2021




We are proud to represent the following artists, designers and makers.



Patrick Caruth, Kate Lynch, Red Robin books, Kate Mears, Ann Evans, Robin Savill & Sandra Meech


Dennis Chinaworks Jo Lucksted,  Frank Martin, West End Pottery, Nick Rees, Paul Stubs, Brigitte Colleaux & Ella Philips



  Shakspeare Glass



Caroline Parrott, Clare Lloyd, Prue Biddle, Sue Hall, Maggie Laing, Penny Price, Solange, Julia Thompson, Holly Webb, Rachel Reilly, Ann Bruford, Liz Shewan, Carolyn Williamson, Misha Seelhoff, Elly Englefield-Morgans, Janice Petitjean, Pistachio Grey & Ruth Lyne



Brian Hutchings & John Waters



Ann Fagan, Barbara Karn, Lesley Fawcett, Jean Stevens, Jackie Spurrier, Kaye Parmenter, Steve Manning, Rowena Payne, Lis Biesty, Annie Musgrove, Pauline Pearce, Sky Siouki, Donna Lawley-Hopton, Andrea Clark, Stephanie Myler & Lynn Keddie



Angela Morley, Lisa Purchase, Pippa Hill, Pamela Stewart-Pearson, Sheena Spacey, Sue Masters, Lou Musgrave, Chris Kampf, Anita Peach, Jo Horrobin & The Little Paper Factory



Anna Falke, Buffy Fletcher, Chloe Morter, Jennie Loader, Lydia Needle, Tessa Harris, Sara Finch, Joy Merron, Raggy Roux, Angela Knapp, Eva Kacseti & Kate Norton



Dave Appleby, Matt Belfrage, Stephen Stokes, Paul O’Donnell, Natty Deco & Jane Leakey


British wildlife Open winner