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Clayhill Arts

Clayhill Arts provides residential art courses and learning spaces for artists and creative professionals. Offering unique working spaces and accommodation in a retreat like setting in the heart of Somerset.

They offer courses which are designed to enhance your creative career and their website signposts great resources, including tool-kits and podcasts,  follow this link to find creative activities for children and more!

Clayhill Arts website



Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child

The first major retrospective of this legendary artist to focus exclusively on her work using fabrics and textiles. Hayward Gallery. South Bank. London.

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KEEP GOING: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad, By Austin Kleon.

The world is crazy. Creative work is hard. And nothing is getting any easier! In his previous books – Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work!, New York Times bestsellers with over a million copies in print combined – Austin Kleon gave readers the key to unlock their creativity and then showed them how to share it. Now he completes his trilogy with his most inspiring work yet. Keep Going gives the reader life-changing, illustrated advice and encouragement on how to stay creative, focused, and true to yourself in the face of personal burnout or external distractions. Here is how to Build a Bliss Station – a place or fixed period where you can disconnect from the world. How to see that Every Day Is Groundhog Day – yesterday’s over, tomorrow may never come, so just do what you can do today. How to Forget the Noun, Do the Verb – stop worrying about being a “painter” and just paint. Keep working. Keep playing. Keep searching. Keep giving. Keep living. Keep Going. It’s exactly the message all of us need, at exactly the right time.

Waterstones Bookshop


New Online Art and design bookshop is now live and features over 600 titles sourced from the UK, Europe and America. All the books are new, some are rare and most are sold at reduced prices.



Penny Stapleton reading her poem A Cradle of Gold. Created to accompany the viewing of Andrena tibialis’s Book of Hours made by Hazel Mountford & Penny Stapleton for FIFTTY BEES 5 Exhibition


Our research of the grey-gastered mining bee inspired Penny to write ‘A Cradle of Gold’. Interested by themes of time and struck by the poem’s monastic nature, we decided to create a medieval book of hours devoted to our bee, accompanied by an audio reading.  With verses written in Latin and spoken in modern English we look at time long and time short: solitary bees have been around for millions of years and yet the individual only lives a few weeks. As our bee spends most of their life in the dark underground in egg/larvae form, while we spend most of our life in the light, the book is illustrated from a human perspective, showing how the flora and fauna of Andrena tibalis’s habitat changes over the seasons.

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Participant of abstract drawing class