Joanna Briar

I am a printmaker working principally with lino and wood to create original prints and cards.  I am inspired by the beautiful Somerset countryside and the changing seasons, collecting plant materials and taking photographs as my starting point.   I then draw my designs using pencil or ink and transfer these onto wood and lino blocks which are then carved and printed using my vintage book press or my larger etching press.  I divide my time between working from home on printmaking and working as a Museum Assistant at Somerset Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury.

Recently, I have been exploring Mokulito printmaking (wood lithography).  I use expressive marks to capture moments in time or imaginary places which are drawn directly onto sanded plywood.  After etching the image into the wood surface, ink is applied and transferred onto paper using a press. Each print is unique and only a small number are produced before the contrast between light and dark areas is lost.  I am fascinated by the process and use the wood grain to add an extra layer of texture to my prints.

I also weave using a rigid heddle loom combining yarns to complement the textures and colours of my prints.  I produce woven panels, scarves, shawls and accessories using a range of natural fibres including wool, cotton and linen inspired by the colours of nature.